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Anne-Margarent and Anthony

We are a husband and wife team devoted to radiant health. After almost two decades of serving A-List Celebrities, 5-Star Hotels, and Fortune 500 Companies, we embody personalized service and top-notch professionalism. Our unwavering commitment is to provide wellness services, conducted by exceptional practitioners, that cultivate a person’s overall vitality. Each member of our wellness team is hand-selected and highly trained to provide first-rate, 5-Star service every time. We look forward to serving you!

- Anne-Margaret and Anthony


When a celebrity guest, CEO, or dignitary asks me to recommend a massage therapist, personal trainer, or yoga teacher, I always call Anne-Margaret and Anthony. I wish I could list the names of some of the most famous A-Listers that will only request these two incredible human beings. With 28 years of experience working at NYC's highest rated hotel, Giving Tree Wellness has received the best feedback from my guests as they are always on-time, discrete, and have the guest's satisfaction as their priority.

- Randy Ross, Concierge at The Four Seasons Hotel, NYC

To prepare for a very physically demanding run of Macbeth at the NYC Armory, I integrated yoga, breathing techniques, & meditation. Before each show, Anne-Margaret led me through yoga postures and stretches to assist in muscular recovery and ready my joints for the show’s fight scenes. The breathing techniques and meditation greatly aided my focus and preparation and I would highly recommend Giving Tree Wellness and the services they provide!

- Sir Kenneth Branagh, Actor/Director/Producer

Giving Tree Wellness is always quick to respond with providing top-quality, professional personal trainers, yoga instructors, and massage therapists for my demanding (and frequently high-profile) guests. For many years, I have relied on GTW and have me met several of their trainers and therapists. My guests are always happy with their work, which has certainly made my job easier.

- John Mark Hopkins, Chef Concierge at The Lowell Hotel, NYC

Giving Tree Wellness is vital to my career as I can easily fulfill last minute requests and confidently recommend professional and reliable services for personal training, yoga, and massage therapy. Consistently, my referrals come back to thank me for the recommendation as they become loyal clients of Giving Tree Wellness.

- Harry Perez, Concierge at 40 Mercer, NYC

Giving Tree Wellness is our dream team. NYC is a secondary residence for us and whenever we come in from Europe, they are always there, ready for personalized fitness and body treatments, whenever it fits our schedules. What I love about the fitness sessions is that the trainers are always switching things up, suggesting new techniques and pushing me to do more. The massage treatments are among the best we have ever had (and we are very discerning having lived and traveled all over the world). My husband is a performance athlete and he swears by the sports massage. They listen to what we need that particular day and execute flawlessly in a highly professional yet nurturing manner.

- Joey & Ragnar Horn, Oslo, Norway and Soho, New York

Fitness Services

Your Workout

Personal Training
Tailored to fit your individual goals, train one-on-one with a certified personal trainer. Our trainers ensure an effective, efficient, injury-free workout by prioritizing precise alignment and a total body workout.
Total Training TM
One of our signature styles! An intense hour of sculpting for the body and mind integrating yoga, personal training techniques, and mantra.
Cross Training
Improve your overall performance combining several training methods designed to strengthen the entire body.
A high-intensity interval training that improves endurance and stamina.
Alignment-conscious exercises designed to strengthen and increase flexibility.
Boxing & Boot Camp
Let off some steam in this intense, high energy workout!

Fitness for the Family

Prenatal Yoga
Receive helpful tips while being guided through a safe practice specifically designed to address the needs of pregnancy.
Baby & Me/Toddler Yoga/Kids Yoga
A great way to enjoy your workout while bonding with your little one(s). Through fun & relatable animal poses, kids learn about their bodies in space & further develop listening/focusing skills. (Ages 6 weeks – 12 years old!)
Mommy and Me Pilates
The perfect postnatal workout for new mommies to recondition their bodies.

Don’t see the workout you want, just ask!

Yoga Styles

One of our signature styles! Infusing the wisdom of the chakras with the balancing properties of aromatherapy, savor a restorative practice, exclusively on the floor, that rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. Each restorative and yin pose is enhanced with the inhalation of pure, therapeutic-grade essentials, chakra meditations, and hands-on adjustments to melt the body into sweet surrender.
Chakra Yoga TM
One of our signature styles! Rooted in the wisdom of the chakras, this yogic style balances energetic & physical instabilities. Tastes of Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, and Restorative grace the wide spectrum of asana, meditation, aromatherapy, and visualization.
Morning Awakening
Elevate your mind, body, & soul in this invigorating Vinyasa class incorporating pranayama, meditation, & asana.
Kickin’ Core Vinyasa
Strengthen your core through a vigorous practice leaving you energized for your day!
Gentle Flow & Restore
Release the stress of the day with a gentle Vinyasa…then melt into a delicious surrender of restorative poses, readying you for a good night’s sleep.
Happy Hour
This fun, uplifting practice is the perfect way to start your evening.
Enjoy invigorating kriyas designed to strengthen the nervous system and move stagnant energy.
Peaceful Meditation
Calm your mind & relax your nervous system by cultivating awareness through simple techniques.

Don’t see the workout you want, just ask!

Massage Services

Personalized Massage
Designed to address an individual’s specific therapeutic needs, this style may include a variety of techniques such as Deep tissue, Sports, Swedish, Shiatsu, or Reflexology.
Thai Massage
Through a series of assisted stretches and rhythmic acupressure techniques, this style deeply relaxes and harmonizes the body and mind.
A treat for your feet! A therapeutic method of relieving pain through stimulating specific points.
An energetic re-balancing designed to align the chakras through a transference of universal healing energy.
Prenatal Massage
Ease prenatal aches and discomforts in your body with a prenatal certified therapist. Drift away in the comfort of our prenatal pillow system.
Couples Massage
Share your relaxation with your best friend or that special someone in your life. Great for anniversaries or any special day!
  • Table, sheets, and oil provided.
  • Our massage oils are all paraben-free.
  • Aromatherapy oils of the highest therapeutic grade are used in every massage.
  • All of our massage therapists are licensed and registered with the state of New York.

Other Services

Nutritional Counseling

Our New York State Certified Dietician-Nutritionist will guide you towards healthier choices and deliciously design a personalized dietary plan to fit your lifestyle.


Work with a certified Hypnotist to create subconscious change in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Insecurities
  • Negative Mind Chatter
  • Public Speaking Fears
  • Commitment Issues
  • Overeating
  • And More!

Astrological Services

Natal Chart
A fascinating and exciting exploration of how celestial energies personally impact your every day life and long-term goals.
Yearly Forecast
An insightful roadmap of the year ahead. A wonderful birthday gift to yourself or another.
Tarot Card Reading
Receive insight into past, present, and future situations with an experienced and intuitive reader.


To make an appointment, please call us, email us, or use the form to send us a message!


Phone: (212) - 335 - 0982

Our Team

Anne-Margaret Redding is a celebrity personal trainer, certified yoga teacher, and Reiki practitioner. Her sessions widely range from a very relaxing, gentle, restorative, and meditative yoga to a hard-core Vinyasa, incorporating personal training techniques and mantra to transform the landscape of the mind. Amazing with beginners, Anne-Margaret has the patience and technique to demystify the most challenging of yoga concepts making them accessible for students while providing a firm foundation in alignment. She is the owner of The Giving Tree Yoga Studio in NYC, creator of Chakra Yoga™ Teacher Training and the Total Training Workout™.

Anthony Wood is certified in Kundalini Yoga (Hari Kaur), Chakra Yoga (Giving Tree), and a licensed massage therapist with over ten years experience in 5 Star, 5 Diamond Hotels (Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton). A graduate of the Swedish Institute, Anthony combines yoga and massage specializing in Deep Tissue Neuromuscular massage therapy with certifications in Pre-Natal and Thai massage. From an Eastern perspective, his work is heavily influenced by Taoist principles, Shiatsu, meditation and yoga. His Western influences include Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reflexology. Anthony’s intention as a healer, teacher, and therapist is to bring his clients back into the restful and awakened state of feeling “at home” in their bodies.

Spa Team



Adriane pursued a career in nutrition when she realized it was the perfect way to blend her passion for healthy living and love of food. She is a Registered Dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. She received her Master of Public Health Nutrition degree and completed her 1200 hour Dietetic Internship though Hunter College. As a Dietitian, Adriane regularly provides nutrition education on a variety of medical conditions and is passionate about leading others to make positive changes in their lives. She is an avid runner and yoga enthusiast who loves to eat. Adriane believes nutrition plays a key role in the overall health of an individual and looks forward to helping others achieve their nutrition goals.



A lifelong southern belle, Annie moved to New York several years after earning her BA in Theatre from Christopher Newport University. She found herself delving deeper and deeper into her personal yoga practice as a way to navigate post-college life and achieve balance, spiritual awakening, and flexibility of body and mind. Annie holds a 200-hour certification through Sonic Yoga, a Kids Yoga certification from Karma Kids Yoga, a Prenatal certification from Karma Kids, and certified to teach Postnatal and Baby Yoga through Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby program.



By the time that Autumn was 6 years old, she was reading the horoscopes in the Daily news along with her Dr. Seuss books. Within ten years, she became well versed in all things Astrological, as well as learning the fine art of palm reading and tarot card reading. Today, Autumn is deeply entrenched in the never ending search for knowledge, committed to practicing the art of palmistry, astrology and tarot card reading. Her intention is to provide each individual with the tools for navigating their inner world, helping them along their journey of discovery. Autumn strongly believes in the magic and possibilities that lie within the cosmos, and within each one of us.



Catherine began her yoga adventure over a decade ago on a visit home to Colorado and has been practicing ever since. A mother of two boys, she completed a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, a Prenatal Yoga certification, and Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors at Om Yoga Center. Catherine developed her imaginative, energetic teaching style as she ventured off yoga’s beaten path and taught yoga to inner city high school students, recent immigrants, writers, those with multiple sclerosis, cancer survivors, and expectant mothers. Her dance background allows her to see yoga as an art form, a space to experience movement, and lift the spirit.



Christine took her first Ashtanga class as a teenager and was instantly hooked. Every asana, twist, bend and movement felt like home. She continues to deepen her practice through a mix of styles—Mysore, Vinyasa, Iyengar and others. She lived in Paris for four years where she studied visual arts, and is now a Pilates, Gyrotonics, Total Training, and yoga instructor in New York City. Christine completed her 200-hour teacher training in Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ at The Giving Tree Yoga Studio in 2013. The heart of yoga for Christine is the fact that it is a practice, a constant practice in which, every day, every pose and sequence is a new experience. Yoga is a commitment to wholeness, to honoring our true selves, and to contributing to the collective frequency of all creatures.



Connie is a fun loving soul that hails from York, PA. Through a dedicated yoga practice, Connie connects to her most authentic self, living life more truthfully and present, more passionately and love filled and inspires her students to do the same. Connie is an E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 having studied with Sonic Yoga and Will Duprey Yoga. She continues her Hatha Yoga studies with Will and Susan Duprey who founded Hathavidya. Connie and her husband Anthony live in Long Island City with their two darling children Maia and Hudson and dog Kali.



Courtneyhas had a decade long love affair with the art of improvisation. While performing for several years in college she became aware of the healing power of movement and play and decided to make it her life's work. She graduated with a Masters in Drama Therapy from NYU in 2010. Looking to further her knowledge of working with the body and mind, Courtney completed the 200-hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ certifications at The Giving Tree. Courtney weaves these passions together to develop creative programming that inspires kids from 1 to 101.



Over a decade ago, Clay began his yogic journey with Anne-Margaret Redding which led him to complete his 200 hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ Certifications. In yoga class, Clay found his greatest passions all in one practice, perfectly balancing the energetic teachings of martial arts, the dance of the asanas and the singing of the chants. Through his teaching and training, Clay seeks to inspire clients to venture further along their own yogic or fitness path by providing the building blocks of alignment, breath, and energetic awareness.. Clay’s sessions create an atmosphere of possibility while nurturing his students to practice at whatever level they find themselves on any given day. He encourages students to challenge themselves and journey towards the cusp of their own abilities where a resigned: “I can’t,” blurs into a surprising: “I can’t believe I just…”!



Craig is a Reiki Master, a certified Hypnotist, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a teenager, he first became interested in hypnosis, spirituality, and the power of the mind while living in his native Scotland. After moving to New York, this interest intensified and led him to seek professional training as a Hypnotist. Craig is passionate about helping people connect to their own true potential by accessing the incredible power of their subconscious mind. He believes that we were all born to be healthy, happy and successful. Craig sincerely enjoys working to remove the blocks and limiting beliefs that hold us back from realizing our full potential.



A San Diego native, Devin, studied at The Swedish Institute for both Massage Therapy and Personal Training and Pacific College of Acupuncture. His sessions focus on the intent to bring the feeling of ease into the lives of others. With a deep understanding of anatomy and how the body moves, Devin is determined to help people with issues that cause them pain. As a therapist, Devin draws on Eastern and Western techniques with the intention to restore balance in the body. Over the years of developing his skill, Devin gained knowledge how energy flows through our system, and the deep connection between the mind and body. Devin acknowledges the power of massage. His intention is to restore in his clients the knowledge that anything we put our minds to is possible ~ including a stress-free life and the freedom to think, feel and act in our own unique way.



Eleni has led a diverse career that truly connects the mind with the body and spirit. Starting with a Bachelor's Degree from the State School of Athens, Greece she was a professional dancer and instructor in ballet and modern dance. Resulting from the physical toll a dancer endures she discovered and was certified in Shiatsu (Ohashi Institute) and Certified Zero Balancing Bodywork as forms of body therapy. She soon found her true calling after obtaining her 200 hours certification in Yoga (Atmananda Yoga Sequence. and Road to OM) and her 500 hours Certification In Pilates (Body-Tonic Gymnasium). She started down a path of continually seeking ways to help people both mentally and physically. Concurrent to these forms of physical therapy and exercise she has always had a strong interest in the art of Astrology. Understanding that it is not 'fortune telling' she has helped many people by offering them options while making important decisions. In order to strengthen her ability to assist people she is also certified in Hypnosis (National Guild of Hypnotists) and Past Life Regression. She has helped many clients with addictions such as smoking, allaying fears and keeping clients focused on their goals.



Elizabeth is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, dancer, actor, artist, singer, poet, children's hip-hop teacher, lover, and lover of life. She practices and teaches yoga as a path to enlightenment and seeks to live harmoniously with all that is. She has gratitude for the blessing of sitting at the feet of her dear teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, and seeks to pass on the hip and holy yoga practice they've passed to her.



Emma found Pilates as a teenager in an effort to manage injuries during full time dance training and has been hooked ever since. She believes in arming her clients with the knowledge of their own bodies so they carry the work not only in their session, but also throughout their day and lives. She has been teaching since 2002 in many varied environments including private studios, gyms, schools and physiotherapy practices with a range of clients and ages from elite athletes to those in injury rehabilitation. Emma is certified through Pilates International and was a teacher trainer for the Equinox Pilates training program. She also holds an Advanced Diploma of Dance from WAAPA, Australia.



Born and raised in Kent, Ohio, Emily grew up with a love of dance, spirituality, and vegetarianism. Once introduced to yoga, she felt immediate benefits and a sense of connectedness. Yoga had such a profound impact on her overall happiness and health that Emily chose to become certified to teach in hopes of helping others achieve the same self-reflection, growth, and contentment. She received her 200-hour certification in Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ from The Giving Tree Yoga Studio in Astoria, New York. Her sessions incorporate meditation, pranayama, energetic sequencing, and students are able to feel safe, comfortable, connected, and balanced throughout their practice and lives.



Emily discovered yoga during her first year of law school as a release from the stress that accompanied her studies.  As a former lacrosse player she was initially drawn to the physical challenges of asana, but over time yoga unexpectedly changed the lens through which she saw herself, the world and all those in it. Eager to share the practice with others, Emily completed her 200-hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ Certifications at The Giving Tree Yoga Studio in Astoria, New York.  Emily strives to provide sessions that are not only physically challenging, but also mentally stimulating as she offers thoughtful cues on the benefits of the postures and history of the practice throughout.



Raised in Astoria Queens, and with an extensive background in dance, Exercise Science and Nutrition, Iris began her yogic journey thirsting for a greater understanding of the Mind-Body connection. Upon completing her 200-hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ certifications with The Giving Tree Yoga Studio, she began working with her clients to connect more fully to their bodies and free their minds through yoga and dance. She believes in the importance of strengthening our self-awareness while honoring movement efficiency, alignment, and anything that provides nourishment for what we need. Being with our bodies through movement and awareness is a beautiful gift that has the power to release what we no longer need.



Jagadisa-devasri is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of hatha, raja, and bhakti yoga. He holds two certifications from the Integral Yoga Institute of New York and has completed the Ashtanga Vinyasa Hatha Yoga teacher training with David Swenson. Jagadisa-devasri maintains a regular Ashtanga and vinyasa practice, which has enabled him to deepen his long-standing sadhana practice. He is known for his ability to engage yogis through his warmth, humor and lively mannered instruction, with an emphasis on the energetic aspects of the practice. Jagadisa-devasri is a Reiki master/teacher, aspiring Sanskritist, and an initiate in the lineage of Sri Swami Satchidananda.



A graduate of New York's Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy, Kara is a licensed New York State Massage Therapist and certified member of the National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. After becoming enamored with Thai massage during her studies in New York, Kara traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study it further and became a certified practitioner of traditional Thai Yoga Massage in March 2012. In her practice of both Thai and Swedish massage, her intention is to help the client achieve a greater awareness of their own body by assisting the connection between mind and body through breath and movement.



Kathiana is a licensed massage therapist who completes the circle of touch as a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She is a graduate of the Swedish Institute and her modalities include Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Pre/Post Natal, and Stretching and Body Mobilization. Her life's goal is to inspire and support people in being active participants in a life long journey of health in mind, body, and soul. As a massage therapist and yoga teacher, she feels a deep satisfaction and gratitude to be able to offer her services to the NY community. Kathiana has practiced Kundalini Yoga since 1999 and fell in love with the practice. She became certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in 2006 and as a Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ Instructor in 2013. Her sessions focus on strengthening the immune system, increasing flexibility, building stamina, and guiding her clients towards being more in-tune with the inner self. As a massage therapist Kathiana feels that her practice of yoga allows her to connect deeper with her clients.



Kim has embraced the practice of yoga for 15 years and received her 200-hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ certifications through The Giving Tree. Studying psychology and philosophy as an undergraduate and going on for a master’s degree in counseling, she is a firm believer in the mind’s ability to heal itself. As a cancer survivor, Kim is learning to live in the mystery and allow her unique journey to unfold. Yoga and meditation continue to be part of her journey.



Kimberly took her first yoga class in freshmen gym class in high school, and she’s been in love ever since. When she became certified in Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ through The Giving Tree Yoga Studio, yoga was forever sealed as an intricate part of her life. Her practice and daily life fully embrace the chakras and all of their wisdom. Kim is thrilled to be able to share with others the path she has taken, teaching her clients how to be present. Kim’s sessions are geared toward finding comfort in your own skin, enjoying creative sequencing to challenge your practice, making space in your life for yourself, expanding awareness of the chakras, and cultivating yogic bliss both on the mat and on the streets of NYC.



With a love for the stage, Laura made her way to NYC after completing her Master's in Acting at the University of Houston. Upon arriving, she realized that she also had another love and that was working with and helping children with their confidence, through movement based fun. After completing her children's yoga certification with Karma Kids Yoga NYC, she went on to receive her certifications from Radiant Child Yoga, as well as her Pre and Postnatal Yoga certification. After seeing how yoga had a huge impact on teens, Laura shifted her gears and created Eco Teen Yoga. Bringing her love of sustainability and yoga together to create a class where teens can learn how to care for the environment, through compassion and healthy choices. When she isn't doing yoga.



Born and raised in Queens, Lauren has worked in the health and wellness field for over a decade. Inspired by her yogi cousin Paul, she began practicing yoga in 2006. She fell in love with yoga (especially inversions) when she found The Giving Tree, where she acquired her 200-hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ Certifications. With additional certifications in Massage Therapy(NYCH, Syosset), Holistic Nutrition(I.I.N, NYC), and Pilates(Kane School, NYC), her passion and vast experience bring a unique dimension to her sessions. Lauren believes body awareness, nutrition, and a strong mind-body connection give us the ability to connect with our potential. With her clients, she places strong emphasis on breathing as a key to energize the body and for mastering the principles of Pilates and Yoga (concentration, centering, control, precision, fluidity). She loves blending Yoga and Pilates. Her teaching style is playful and supportive with a strong knowledge of anatomy, and physical alignment. Vivid imagery and regular feedback inspire students to test their strengths and connect with their bodies.



Lena is originally from Sweden and has been living in New York since 1997. She started her reiki training with The Center Of Living Light in March of 2008 and graduated as an advanced practitioner in early 2009. Lena is truly inspired to see her clients de-stressed, balanced, and able to live up to their highest potential and awareness. Lena is proud to be a part of the great energy of The Giving Tree Wellness Company.



Lorraine’s training at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences developed her technique of combining the most enjoyable and effective elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Shiatsu, to tailor every treatment to each individual’s needs. Gentle stretches, acupressure points and the firm therapeutic pressure of myofascial release describe this deeply restorative, nurturing, and refreshing massage.



With a fitness foundation of a NASM Certification, Mack has sprinkled her fitness knowledge with the latest and greatest such as TRX suspension-training, Kettlebell, Boxing, Kickboxing, UXF, Spin, Ballet, Yoga, P90X, and Running/Race Training. No matter what trend you lean to get you smiling through your sweat, Mack is sure to assess and correct your postural imbalances so you can avoid injury. You will leave her sessions feeling stronger, walking taller, more aware of your body, and knowing you have done something amazing for yourself! In the world we live in today, fitness information is as accessible as skimming a magazine in line at the grocery store, or purchasing an app. But with so much information, it’s tough to sort through and figure out what is the best and most sustainable way for YOU to live pain-free and look your best. Mack provides sessions that help you sift through it all to see what exercises your body and mind respond to in the best possible way!



Masako stumbled into a yoga class after having a particularly hard day in February, 2001. The rest, as they say, is history. She practices yoga not only for its physical, mental, and emotional benefits, but because it is just so much fun! Sharing what she has learned and experienced with her students has brought her joy and happiness beyond all measure. Being originally from Japan and having gone to an all-girls Buddhist school has prepared her to infuse Buddhist teachings with yogic philosophy, weaving them both into her classes. She is known for her mindful, caring, kind, and light-hearted approach to yoga and to her students. Masako is a certified Integral Yoga and OM Yoga teacher, with additional training in: restorative, yin, pre-and-post natal, and chair yoga.



A native of Arkansas, Matthew moved to New York over a decade ago. A trained singer and actor, Matthew also has over ten years of a personal yoga practice and 300 hours of teacher training combined from Yogaworks and Core Power Yoga. Through his experience, he has felt that through freeing the body and breath, freedom of the mind and spirit may follow. He believes that yoga is a practice, not a ‘perfection’. If you approach asana with such an attitude you will learn more, breath easier, and maybe even have fun. Finding freedom on the mat will encourage you to find freedom off the mat.



Melissa is a Mental Health Counselor and is in love with the healing aspects of yoga and its ability to transform the heart, mind, body and soul. Inspired by her deep love of poetry, music, yogic philosophy and breath, Melissa strives to create a blissful and soulful session for all of her clients. Having studied at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, each session is not just a physical devotion within our bodies, but a spiritual dance and journey on the mat. After years of teaching vinyasa flow, Melissa has advanced her studies with her long-time teacher and mentor, Elena Brower, and is honored to have completed the Art of Attention advanced teacher training with Elena at VIRAYOGA.



A creative & eclectic practitioner, Ramiro customizes each session using Eastern and Western techniques to stimulate the neuromuscular system. He is proficient in sports and deep tissue massage as well as Swedish, trigger point & PNF techniques. Ramiro holds certifications in myofascial work for thoracic, pectoral tissues, Tui-Na, advanced sports massage, and prenatal massage. He graduated from the Swedish Institute in two programs: Massage Therapy and Basic Exercise Science & Advanced Personal Training.

Fitness Team



Rosie began her yoga training during college as a supplement to her dancing. However, she soon realized the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits that a consistent yoga practice provided were something worth exploring further. After graduating with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance from the University of South Florida, Rosie received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. As a dance artist, Vinyasa Flow is where she experiences a freedom essential to her yoga practice. However, she has also studied Ashtanga, Bikram, Forrest, Jivamukti, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga, and incorporates components of each into her own Vinyasa sequences in order to build mental and physical stamina. She aims to provide her clients with the tools necessary to carry their yoga practice off the mat, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, honesty, and mindfulness in order to find peace.



Stefanie first came to yoga, having been a dancer most of her life. As she found herself taking fewer and fewer dance classes, yoga seemed like the next logical progression as a form of exercise. After consistent practice, she came to appreciate that there was more to yoga than just the physical practice. She received her 200-hour Chakra Yoga™ and Total Training™ Certifications from The Giving Tree Yoga Studio. Initially she saw the training as a way to deepen her practice, but it wasn’t long before she knew that she definitely wanted to share what she was learning with others.